Input-mobile first

Everyone uses smartphone. I mean, do you now anyone that does not? If you do – it must be someone in coma. Most of the websites, even landing pages tend to have some sort of a form (contact form, register form, newsletter form, login form…). So we need to think about it. We need to […]

CSS Tips&Tricks

CSS Content property – make it dynamic

Content property is mostly used with pseudo elements like ::before and ::after. And in most cases it’ s empty, because it serves some other purpose like overlay, or line etc. Content property is often underestimated due to its lack of a11ty. One of the major issues is that you can not translate CSS. In next […]


About this blog

Hi my name is Amer and I am Full Stack Developer. I love to code and I love to share knowledge. This about post will, probably, change over time, but for now I want you to know what you can expect here. My posts will be short, the shorter the better, and they will not […]