JavaScript replaceWith – how to use it

I remember the time when JavaScript was not this good. We had to use libraries and frameworks, like jQuery, to do some basic stuff much easier. I remember the time when JavaScript replaceWith – like functions and methods were just a dream. There are times when we need to remove one element and replace it […]

Other Tips&Tricks

Handling HTML form security

During my career as a web developer, I created millions of different HTML forms. I remember the first website hack I have ever experienced was through HTML form. I am not saying that the following advice will protect you from everything, but it will give you enough form security (in my experience) that you can […]


From 0 to 5.000.000 monthly views

This is not an article about how to reach 5 000 000 monthly views. This is an article on how we managed to design, develop, optimize and maintain (3.5 years) such a website. I have published this article on, also, there we can discuss anything you find interesting. I am trying to be more […]