JavaScript Tips&Tricks

console.log in JavaScript – Tips & Tricks

One of the most used feature in JavaScript is console.log(), especially for debugging. Even though it is widely used most of the time we do not utilize all the power and possiblities of console.log(). console.log This is the most famous and most popular way of logging, even though we have some more ways, but let’ […]

HTML Tips&Tricks

HTML is more than just a markup language

HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language and lot of developers tend to look at it that way. But HTML can and should be utilized for much more than that. Below we will list several reasons why knowing HTML is important and how it can be used for more things than just as a page skeleton. […]

Other Tips&Tricks

How to lower number database queries?

You are working on big project like CRM, CMS or something similar and you want to present as many information to your users as possible. But that comes with a cost. If you have large number of queries to your database, it can create bottle-neck, or it can slow down your entire application, or (at […]

CSS Tips&Tricks

CSS Content property – make it dynamic

Content property is mostly used with pseudo elements like ::before and ::after. And in most cases it’ s empty, because it serves some other purpose like overlay, or line etc. Content property is often underestimated due to its lack of a11ty. One of the major issues is that you can not translate CSS. In next […]