Top 5 FREE vector illustration resources for your website

I am working at small tech company in Bosnia and Herzegovina called Kingdom Alliance. We do pretty high volume of projects ranging from simple design, landing pages, corporate websites, ecommerce, softwares to online marketing. So we often have need for some vector illustration, especially when it comes to websites (of any sort).

I will present you top 5 FREE resources for vector illustrations that can be used on your website, even animated.

1. Humaaans

Humaaans is great place where you can create your own remixes of characters, or you can design your own human body, or make a scenes. You can start with a template and continue from there.

Only drawback here is that you have to have some of the softwares for that, since you download library, like: Sketch, Figma, InVision Studio, Adobe XD.

2. UnDraw

UnDraw is another library of free vector illustrations for your website. This platform offers you to download ready-to-use illustration. You can pick color that goes with your design.

Download offers you two options: SVG and PNG.

3. DrawKit is not really as big as UnDraw or Humaaans but it does offer pretty good illustrations. You can use categories in footer to browse, or you can use search. Aside from single illustration, which you can download as SVG+PNG, there are also theme packs that you can download. Like bundle of illustrations.

4. Ouch!

Ouch, at the moment, offers pretty extensive number of stuff and as it seems it will grow. It is totally different than previous platforms since you can pick in which style you want your vector illustration (most of them can be used as icons too) like: flame, pablo, gummy (they even got Kingdom :D).

Apart from that you can pick themes like: 404, Education, Delivery, Design, etc. where you can find more illustration on chosen theme.


Last but not least heaven for artists. This is awesome platform that offers great illustrations created in Picaso kind of way.

The only “drawback” is that in free version you can download 11+4 free images, they require a link and only offer PNG version. But, hey, still it’ s great!

If you have any questions or anything you can find me on my Twitter, or you can learn some of the older articles like 5 FREE resources to learn web development