What is and why should you use it

I started my journey on Twitter last year. Reason for that is that I wanted to connect little more with community world-wide. Also I wanted to see if I could help at least one person to get involved with coding or to contribute to the community with my knowledge. Apart from that I love code puzzles, interesting, rare and simple solutions.

If you visit my profile you will see that I share a lot of code snippets over there. All this time I used tool and it’ s nice tool for creating code snippets, but as someone who is mainly focused on Twitter I really have problem with image aspect ratio. I mainly depend on the size of my code and some other configuration. And that is not the case with You can pick if you want Twitter aspect ratio.

One day I see a tweet from Dominik Summer asking if there is anyone willing to test his and Anki’ s product that they will be lunching soon. I volunteered and that is how I got to know about

I immidietaly fell in love with it. It is excellent tool, very easy to use. User friendly, beautiful, interface with everything within your reach.

What is is tool that you can use to create beautiful code snippets which can be shared across the internet. Snappify best works with Twitter and it’s current target audience is on Twitter. It is excellent tool for anyone who wants to share some short snippets of code on social media or a blog.

Snippet settings

Creating a snippet is pretty easy and straight forward process. You can choose how you snippet is going to look. First you choose size of padding: none, Small, Middle, Large. Than you can choose amount of zoom you want to be applied. Also you pick language in which you are writing your snippet, so it gets proper format and coloring. You can choose if you want to keep aspect ratio for Twitter, so your image looks great. Also you have an option if you want your image to have your profile info in left corner. You can also change background: solid-color or gradient. You can choose themes for you editor and even, they have light and dark mode.

There are also some new features that are coming in the future, so we will se what else we will be able to style and create.

Great support

You can always find Dominik Summer and Anki on Twitter and speak to them, or you can give your feedback through simple form on You can suggest your idea about some new feature you would like to see.

Apart from Twitter image aspect ratio option, one of my favourite features is profile info in a corner, it’ s really nice, personal touch.

I do not know why but I also noticed slight improvement in the area impressions and clicks on Twitter.

Now one can say that I wrote only about good stuff and there is no bad stuff. I really struggle to find anything that is not good. Everything you need for simple code snippet can be found at, if you need something and it is not there, you can ask for a feature and I am sure Dominik and Anki will give their best to implement that feature.

If you have any questions or anything you can find me on my Twitter, or you can read some of the older articles like console.log in JavaScript – Tips & Tricks